Rimma Rose was born in Ukraine on April 19, 1982. She moved to Brooklyn, New York with her entire family at the age of sixteen. Rimma immediately fell in love with America and New York.

A voracious reader with a passion for learning, it did not take Rimma long to adapt to her new life in America and to learn the English language, adding to her list of spoken languages that include Russian, Ukrainian, and Italian. Growing up, Rimma enjoyed reading books, especially history and philosophy. Her thirst for knowledge continued into her college years.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Politics from St. Johns University with a Minor in History. In addition to education, Rimma enjoys New York City’s night life, shopping, meeting friends, dancing and social scene in general. Although she revels in acquired knowledge, Rimma is far from being a studious introvert. She is social, active, fun-loving and a self-proclaimed fashionista.

Following her undergraduate education, Rimma enrolled in the Master’s program at St. Johns Graduate School in Rome, Italy, obtaining her Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy. Rimma was enamored with Italy and returned to Europe, this time as an intern at the U.S. Consulate in Milan, Italy. She finalized her educational career by adding an MBA in International Business from the Peter J. Tobin School of Business in Rome, Italy and Queens, New York, to her academic accomplishments.

After completing her education, Rimma Rose taught undergraduate courses in European politics at her alma mater, St. Johns University. While enjoying teaching, she still felt unsatisfied, constantly searching for her true passion and career path. Following a brief tenure at the university, Rimma began writing and researching for her debut novel, Cursed to Survive.

As with everything in her life—education, work, travel, dance or fashion—Rimma Rose became obsessed with her project. She is vivacious, energetic, and eager to present her debut novel to the world. Rimma is convinced, citizens of the United States and around the world are starved for cross-cultural understanding, an appreciation of history, culture, education and a solid grasp of lessons learned from the past.  Rimma Rose often says that those who don’t like history in its purest non- fictional form could truly enjoy reading it in the context of historical novels, where fictional plots interchange with actual historical events.
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